Studio Production

Your Studio Is Standing By

Studio 4 is our purpose–built 215m² flagship space. With a technical grid, sound insulation, concrete floor and air conditioning, the versatility of Studio 4 is enough to host a variety of productions and can be configured for your production in very short space of time. Studio 3 and 2 are the two small studios which are perfect for green screen work. Studio 1, a medium sized 100m2 studio, is dedicated long-term to an existing client for a number of their shows.

GREEN ROOM – Our modern, comfortable green room offers a versatile area for your talent to relax and unwind before, during and after your studio record. It is equipped with a 3 position make up area, wardrobe, changing room, guest Wi-Fi, and tea and coffee making facilities.

FIND studios

From custom control rooms to fully equipped studios, NEP has a solution for you.

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